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Payment must be made in full before shipping your order. All purchases with a billing/shipping address within Canada are subject to GST/HST as per the shipping address. Orders can be processed directly through our website, via email or over the phone. All US & International orders may be subject to their countries taxes and duties. These additional costs, if they occur, are the responsibility of the recipient and are not included in our prices or shipping costs. Rockpretty Baby, rpKids, and 4urPretty, does not accept liability for the products we carry.
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All prices are in Canadian dollars. Payments can be made securely and directly on our site by Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and Discover Card.  Please note that due to upgraded security features for protection of our customers, a customers billing info must match exactly to the credit card carriers information.  If a Gateway Payment Error occurs please contact us at info@rockpretty.ca for assistance. Interac Email Money Transfer is our final option. Currently available from select Canadian Banks only. 
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Promo code NOT applying
Is your promo code not applying? Unfortunately we are not always able to include possible exclusions with each promo code. Typically promotions apply only to In-Stock, Regular Priced products unless noted. As well, certain In-Stock brands are unable to be discounted. Promo codes will be applied only to approved products. If you still feel your promo code is not applying correctly, please drop us a line at info@rockpretty.ca so we can look into it.
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You can view any current or previous orders by setting up an account on our site. This also allows you to set up a Wishlist, create a Baby Registry, reorder your favourite products or track the process of an outstanding order. We do NOT share your information with anyone! Anytime you view your account, make changes to your account or use our checkout you can see that we are a SECURED site (as noted in the address bar at the top of your browser, as well as the lock icon at the bottom right of browser).
If you did NOT create an account, you can still view the status of your order by entering your information here
Shopping Cart Issues
Sometimes it happens and typically the cause of your frustration lies with your computer and how it stores cookies. Our shopping cart system relies on your computer storing cookies. Some computers are set with super high security standards and don't accept cookies or only allow so many. Super safe but doesn't allow orders to process (with us or any online retailer). Click on your "tools" in your web browser (or google how to clear cookies) and clear your cookies. You should be able to process your order after a quick log-out/in and/or refresh. Go ahead and clear your cookies after your order is completed if you desire. Still not working? Chat live (lower left corner on the website) or email (info@rockpretty.ca) we can complete your order on your behalf.
Miscellaneous Information you might wish to know
We sell gift certificates (any denomination between $25-$1000). Our gift certificates can be bought for yourself or gifted to someone else. Gift Certificates are virtual and come with a unique coded number that is emailed to the recipient. Super easy to use, the unique coded number is entered when viewing the cart. The recipient can choose to use the entire amount, the partial amount desired or in combination with another form of payment. You can also track your balance online though the My Account link at the top of the website.