Anna RP

Who is 4urPretty?

We are 90's girls living in the 21st Century world.  We woke up one day and went, "What Happened!"  We have been in the same yoga clothes for two days and yesterday's mascara can hardly count as having applied make-up today. So where did we go?  When was the last time we wore a pretty skirt or straightened our hair?  And where did the keys go again....

Yes we have jobs. Yes we may or may not have spouses. Yes we may or may not have kids.  But does that mean WE don't count anymore?  So we decided to start counting right now.  We can still love the people around us and put ourselves first sometimes.  We accept that we don't have a lot of time in the day, but we do have enough to shop online!  So 4urPretty.com was born.  

A girl has to spoil herself on occasion without regret or the eye rolling from "them".  It is not our fault that "they" don't get why a glass water bottle that comes in hot pink with a black heart is an item that a girl cannot live without.   No it is not the same as drinking from a glass!  It totally fits in at least 3 purses, looks amazing on the desk at work, and at the gym everyone notices it.  Or they are staring at me again as I look faint after 10 minutes on the stair climber. But so what!  It's beautiful! 

We totally understand that you really don't want more wrinkles, and that crows feet is not a reference to last nights exotic dinner.  We know you really want to protect your skin from further skin damage, but sunscreen just feels gross! At least until now, we have got you covered ladies!  Sunscreen that goes on like silk, doesn't feel icky and will stop the signs of aging.

These are the kind of glamourous, luxurious, and sometimes practical products that we have searched high and low to find for ourselves and all of you!  

4URPretty, along with Rockpretty Baby and Rockpretty Kids, offers 3 fantastic stores to shop at for the whole family with one easy checkout.  But we encourage you to not shop for them just this once and treat yourself instead!  We don't have a physical store, but we do have a Local Pick-up option available during checkout at our location in Calgary SW.  

Happy Shopping!
Thank you for supporting an independent Canadian Retailer!
Anna, Becky, Molly, Jill, Nancy & Angela